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Every day, doctors of chiropractic successfully help thousands of people obtain safe, effective, long-term relief from headaches, neck pain, back pain, and other ailments.  If you’ve been injured and are still suffering, our team of compassionate injury doctors can help with your pain.

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My experience with Preferred Injury Physicians are very good and appreciate the help and the patient of Bernice, Sari, Eli, Yani and Dr. Nigel. Thanks each one of you. V

Iris De la Vega December 13, 2021

Dr. Nigel and his staff have all been amazing since day one! Dr. Nigel, Willie, Sari, Eli, Bernie, and Yani will all give you the 5 STAR SERVICE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!! Not only will you come out feeling better physically but you’ll also feel better mentally from all of the laughs and smiles! It’s not often that you go somewhere and everyone gives you the same treatment! It is evident and obvious that they are all there for the same reason! I would highly recommend Preferred Injury Physicians of Tampa Florida! Can’t wait to see them again next week!

Brishaun Bradley December 9, 2021

Sare is excellent

Regina Nutt December 7, 2021

La atención es extraordinaria. Con Sari, Levi y Willy te sientes atendido con profesionalismo y empatía


By happenstance I came to Wesley chapel PIP with a friend and after her visit I knew I wanted to became a patient. The difference in options and treatment from my last Chiropractor to Dr Sama was night and day!! I avoided surgery because of this office and it’s care. Thanks PIP!! 🙏🏾 Eternally grateful 😇

Love Timmons October 27, 2021

Amazing People and Amazing staff. Dr. Sinclair is and if not the best Dr in town. Highly recommend for any of your auto accident needs

Jrodtwo3 (Jrodtwo3) October 18, 2021

The staff is great. The Doctor really cares about you getting well and feeling better.

june boyer October 12, 2021

I would highly recommend Preferred Physicians. They have such an awesome and well knowledge staff. Dr. Jay Laurienzo has provided my Husband and I with the utmost professionalism and efficiency regarding our plan of action towards a successful recovery. He has also provided us with his skilled judgment on our treatments and overall experience. We’re both glad to have found Preferred Physicians. Thank you and your staff for taking care of our needs as well as meeting our expectations.

Crystal Moux October 7, 2021

The staff at PIP were very professional and knew what to do.

Foster Atteberry September 11, 2021

Thank you all for your kindness, patience, understanding, listening, and your experience. 🙂

Brandon Cintron August 29, 2021

The office staff is very congenial and friendly. They work with you when scheduling. I can't be at the office until 6:15pm and they always find a way to work me in. Dr. Hopkins is an excellent listener and chiropractor. He tailors your treatment to your needs. Louanna, the office manager is the best. All of the massage assistant also listen, again working where the pain is and also the intensity of the massage. Over all it's a great office and I would recommend it to family and friends.

Maxine Klaus August 5, 2021

Excelente servicio!

Viviana Rodriguez August 3, 2021

I got rear ended buy a driver not paying attention to the road well I was at a complete stop and had pains in my right shoulder right after the impact. I knew I had to get looked at by professionals to give me a full assessment. I spoke with a friend and they referred me to preferred injury physicians in Wesley Chapel and I called them the same day the accident happened and they were able to see me right away. Well filling out the paperwork my neck was also experiencing pain and stiffness. The doctor wanted to know how the accident happened and where I was experiencing pains before we started doing an evaluation. The doctor/chiropractor saw that I needed an adjustment in my upper back and neck area right away and I had tightness and pains in my lower back also. The doctor gave me a really cool back brace to help support my back and followed up with some massage and teins unit treatment. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable and welcoming on such short notice.

David Sa July 20, 2021

Very professional and clean staff is great.

Tracy Lewis June 29, 2021

Dr. Shayeb and his entire staff from front office to therapist are absolutely wonderful, considerate, accommodating and caring!!! I came to them after a car accident with severe pain and discomfort they have helped my injuries profoundly! I am able to move more and enjoy my life to a better standard then when I walked through their door! I recommend this practice to all!!!

Lisa Moreno June 27, 2021

I have been to many physical therapist over the years and not 1 of them took the time to learn or LISTEN to me like PIP has. I was a fan before they even touched me, But my goodness.. the massage I received on my injured body part was by far the Best Ever. I'm not one who usually gives reviews.. just stars, but I had to acknowledge this clinic. Absolutely wonderful.

Tee Gibson June 22, 2021

I was a patient for a few months and had to return for more follow up physical therapy. From the first time to even now, they've always been friendly. Everyone here always provides me with great care. I appreciate their efforts in helping me through this rough time and possibly returning to as close to good health as possible. I would definitely recommend them to others....

Writer Man1 June 7, 2021

Everyone in this office is so accommodating and friendly. The Dr. bedside manner was one of the best I have experienced and I felt comfortable and educated in my treatment plan. Amanda has the hands of a angel because when I got home I had the best night sleep I’ve had in years. After one visit I’ve felt relief and I will continue my treatment here. Thanks to everyone in the office you have really helped me out so far in this journey.

Andrea Ceslik June 2, 2021


Our staff is diverse, experienced, and compassionate.

If you are suffering from interventional pain or other health problems and would like to learn more about how we can help you recover, call Preferred Injury Physicians today!


After a car accident, you only have 14 days to seek medical treatment or you will lose all medical and lost wage benefits from your PIP coverage.

What To Expect After an Auto Accident



Remove yourself and your loved ones from the roadway, damaged vehicles, or from any other hazards where the accident occurred. If possible, move your vehicle out of the road as well.

STEP 2: CALL 911

Alert authorities immediately – even if the accident was supposedly a fender bender or another party involved has asked you not to.


Getting all of this information at the time of the accident, while everyone and everything is right in front of you, makes it much easier to move forward with an insurance or legal claim down the road.

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Commonly Asked Questions


What services does Preferred Injury Physicians offer?

At Preferred Injury Physicians, our skilled doctors offer chiropractic injury services for anyone suffering from lower back pain, mid back pain, neck pain, and headaches stemming from a multitude of issues, such as car accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries, workers’ compensation injuries, and more.

Learn more about our chiropractic and injury services

Is chiropractic safe?

Yes. One of the most common myths about chiropractic care is that it is dangerous. In fact, chiropractic is widely regarded as one of the safest ways to treat musculoskeletal injuries because it uses natural, non-invasive therapies and never relies on drugs.’

Learn more about the most common myths about chiropractic care.

Can your offices accommodate non-English speakers?

Yes. Our staff can accommodate patients who speak Spanish, French, and Russian. With enough notice, we can schedule a translator for patients who speak other languages.

Todas nuestras localizaciones tienen hablantes de español en el personal.

Do you have more answers to questions about chiropractic care?

Yes. Our team of dedicated injury physicians have put together a list of answers to the most common chiropractic questions we hear from new patients.

Learn more about common chiropractic questions

What do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors can treat a multitude of health concerns for patients of nearly all ages. Since spinal manipulations or adjustments are among the most commonly used forms of chiropractic treatments, chiropractors are particularly well known for their ability to help patients with lower back pain, mid back pain, neck pain, and even headaches. This is true whether the pain is the result of certain lifestyle habits, such as poor posture at work, or if you’ve been injured in an accident.

Learn more about what injuries and ailments chiropractors can treat

How should I treat my back pain after a car accident?

If you’re suffering from neck and/or back pain after a car accident, your pain is most likely the result of an injury involving your spinal discs. These injuries will need to be treated by a back pain doctor, commonly known as a chiropractor. Through chiropractic treatments, your overall recovery will occur in a faster and safer way than alternative forms of treatment–such as surgery or opiates–because chiropractors work to heal the source of your pain.

Learn more about how to treat back pain after an accident

How do I make an appointment to see a chiropractor?

If you’re in need of accident injury doctor, back pain doctor, or other form of chiropractic care in the Central Florida area, you can schedule an appointment at any of our conveniently located offices. To schedule an appointment at our closest auto injury clinic to your home, visit our Central Florida injury locations and call your local office.

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