Bringing Relief to Neck Pain Through Chiropractic Neck Adjustments

by Dr. Travis Utter
May 11th, 2016

We often overlook the tension in our necks because it tends to build up slowly over time. People usually don’t take action to address the physical condition of their necks unless they are experiencing excruciating pain. Neck pain can be annoying and uncomfortable, but being lackadaisical about it and ignoring it is not advised. Pain is a symptom that something is wrong, and you need to listen to your body when it’s talking to you.

Neck Pain Causes

There are many potential causes of neck pain. Some are due to your everyday lifestyle. Poor posture and lack of exercise, for example, can cause pain in the neck. Sometimes neck issues can result from simple aging, but staying proactive regarding your health can minimize that.

One of the major causes of neck pain is car accidents. Whiplash is a type of neck injury where your neck suffers due to the sudden backward and forward movement caused by the impact of the cars. When this happens, pain builds up and will continue to get worse if left untreated. Sometimes it takes time before symptoms even emerge, but when they do, the pain is intense.

Neck Pain Chiropractic

A good way to treat neck pain is through chiropractic care and neck adjustments. Chiropractors use natural techniques to make adjustments to the neck in order to relieve the pain and heal the underlying source. Neck adjustments are done by hand and are very effective at producing results. Neck adjustments promote better alignment and mobility of the spine and also bring back the normal range of movement of the neck.

If you suffer from neck pain, see your chiropractor. They can do an examination to assess your situation and then begin a treatment plan tailored specifically to your condition and needs.

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