What to Do After a Car Accident

by Dr. Travis Utter
October 17th, 2018

What Should You Do After an Accident?

A car accident is not something you expect to happen in your life. But, with caution and better knowledge of what to do in that type of situation, you can be better prepared in case one does happen. Here are seven things you should do immediately aftern an auto accident:

Call the Police

Call 911 and report the accident immediately, so they can immediately dispatch a police office and/or an ambulance if necessary. Especially if you are in a high-traffic area, a police presence will force people to slow down and reduce the risk of someone else running into you.

Stay Put

Do not try to go away or move your car. Just let it stay so the police can evaluate the situation and record everything. If you leave the scene or move anything, you can be charged with an offense. You also need to be sure you get a copy of the police report to give to your insurance company, so they can help cover any damage or injuries.

Seek Help from Nearby Establishments

If you are in a neighborhood, ask for help from anyone who can assist you with the situation.

Record Everything

Write down important details about the accident such as the date and time, the colors of the vehicles involved, the situation of the drivers and passengers, the plate numbers, and the place. Recording important details like this will help you have a stronger case in the event that there are any legal disputes that arise.

Take Pictures if You Can

If you have a phone or a camera with you, take pictures of the scene. This will give you better evidence during claims and settlements in the future.

Avoid Signing or Negotiating Without the Consent of the Police

There are times when the other party may want to settle everything right then and there, but avoid signing any documents or agreements unless they are from the police.

Check Yourself

Check your body to see if you have any injuries. If you do, write them down, so you can remember all the details to tell your back pain doctor afterward. Check to see if you are experiencing any chest pain after the accident as well.

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