Driving Tips to Help You Avoid Accidents

Driving Tips to Help You Avoid Accidents

February 28th, 2017
by Dr. Travis Utter

One of the main causes of car accidents is poor driving skills and reckless behavior. A lot of drivers, who have years of experience in driving, still end up in accidents because of negligence while behind the wheel.

Car accidents are harmful to all involved. They cause inconvenience, financial hardship, and physical damage to both the vehicles and people. To take measures to drive more responsibly and avoid accident injuries, here are a few tips:

  • Sit properly. Sit like you are sitting at your office chair working on your computer. This will help you stay more alert and concentrated on your driving. Avoid slouching because if you get too comfortable and loose, you will be slower to react.
  • Adjust your car mirrors to give you the best view of the road. This will make it easier for you to check your rear and both sides before changing lanes, turning, etc.
  • Wear your seatbelt. Your seatbelt will reduce your level of whiplash in an accident by keeping your body from flailing around during impact. Make sure that your passengers have their seatbelts on too.
  • Always look around. Have your eyes focused on your surroundings and not anywhere else. Be on the lookout for potential dangers, especially when you are in an intersection. Do not do things that can distract you from driving, such as texting, putting on makeup, or looking for things in your car when you’re in motion.
  • Follow the rules. Road rules are there for a reason – to ensure order and safety. By following proper driving methods and paying attention to signs, you will reduce your chances of getting into an accidents.
  • Be cautious with other drivers. Don’t be too aggressive on the road. Not only can it put you in danger and cause you to lose control, but it can also make other drivers uncomfortable and more likely to make wrong moves. Avoid competing with aggressive drives. Be considerate of drivers who are slow.
  • Always have your lights on when driving at night. Not only will it illuminate your view, but it will also alert other drivers of your position.
  • Follow the speed limit. This will keep you and the cars around you in a consistent flow, which is conducive to keeping order. If you speed, you are more likely to make rushed decisions, make other drivers nervous, and find yourself with expensive speeding tickets.

In the event of a car accident, one of the best ways to help you get back on track is to make sure that your body is free from injuries. Consult our accident injury clinic in Daytona Beach, so we can help you diagnose any physical problems and give you the best customized treatment to ensure safe, long-lasting results.

Dr. Travis Utter

Dr. Travis Utter attended Florida State University and graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2003, where he studied Communications and Science. A true passion for helping and healing others

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