Patient Reviews

My son and I were in a car accident on 8/11/17. Not knowing who to choose as a doctor to help us, we asked around. The name Dr. Utter came up a few times so we decided to see him and his staff at Halifax Injury. Let me say that I will never see another chiropractor other than him. The staff was excellent! After 3 months of treatment and a lot of hours, my son and I are able to function again and get on with life! I would recommend this place to anyone!
– Brian S.
I was nervous after my accident to see a chiropractor, yet I have been over the moon pleased with Preferred Injury. I absolutely love the staff as they really take their time to listen to concerns and they have helped me walk through the process of healing. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of a chiropractor.
– Sarah G.
I have had sciatica problems for years. I met Christine and she gave me a deep massage and what a difference it made. I would lay in bed at night for 2 to 3 hours turning back and forth till I would get so tired I would finally fall asleep. The first night after the massage I went to sleep in minutes. No pain. It was awesome. I have had 3 more massages since then and it just keeps getting better every time. Christine, I thank you so much.
– Bob P.
I was referred the day after my accident in October 2018. I've now been going several times a week for 6 weeks and I'm never disappointed with service. Everyone is so nice and caring. From the time I walked in the door, I felt very comfortable. They make you feel like you're part of a family. I highly recommend this office. Thank you all for helping me get better.
– Amber E.
I would give Halifax Injury Physicians more than 5 Stars if I could. Everyone is so nice and they make you feel so comfortable. I was in a car accident as a passenger and went to another place that was so unprofessional and I felt worse every time I went. Today has been my 2nd day at Halifax Injury Physicians and they have made me better in 2 days then the other place did in 8+ weeks. They are professional and more personable then the last place I went to. So Happy I changed to Halifax Injury Physicians. I Highly Recommend Halifax Injury Physicians!!
– Crystal N.
I am beyond happy with this place. They are helping me recover as much as they can. They found out what was wrong right away and are right on it. It’s a very clean friendly place. I never had a better doctor who works hours on end and is still so friendly and makes me feel wanted there. Thank you for everything you do.
– Victoria W.
If you are ever in an auto accident this is the place to go! Everyone is so friendly, I am always greeted by name and with a smile. Carlie always makes me feel welcome. Christine, Lizette, and Eugene are all amazing massage therapists, each one ensures that the patient feels comfortable. It is impossible to leave this office in a bad mood. I appreciate Dr. Travis and his staff so much for helping me get my mobility back!
– Katharine M.
Before I met Dr. Travis I had headaches all the time. I had never been to a Chiropractor and I was skeptical that it would even help. He has made a believer out of me. I still get headaches but not as often and when I get adjusted it helps relieve my headache. I strongly recommend him.
– Kylie D.
Very caring, professional and courteous staff. I highly recommend Halifax Injury Physicians for injury recovery. No wasted time; service was prompt and professional.
– Gail M.