Workers’ Compensation

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Injuries occurring due to your occupation are quite common, but, fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance exists as a way to help you still be able to pay your bills and cover medical costs, even while you are unable to perform your work duties.

Workers’ Compensation Common Injuries

According to Insurance Journal, the most common injuries which result in Workers’ Comp claims (as a percentage of total claims) are:

  • strains and sprains (30 percent)
  • cuts or punctures (19 percent)
  • contusions (12 percent)
  • inflammation (5 percent)
  • fractures (5 percent)

Many of these common injuries can be positively impacted with the appropriate chiropractic care, which is proven to reduce pain and inflammation. Chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine. Since the most common injuries associated with workers’ compensation are sprains and strains, it’s only natural that chiropractic be the treatment of choice for many.

What To Do After Your Injury

If you have filed a Florida workers’ compensation claim with your employer, you will need to make an appointment for a brief, but thorough, examination with a physician. It’s important to not only receive immediate and appropriate treatment for any injuries sustained, but also to document the extent of the injuries.

When you come in, we will determine:

  • the extent of the injury or injuries
  • the number of estimated treatments required to treat your injuries
  • if referral to another medical specialist is required
  • if special tests are required (i.e. MRI, CT Scan, etc.)
  • if you need to take “injury time off” from work (and provide you with a note to present to your employer)

Don’t Delay, Call Today!

If you or someone you know is suffering from a work-related injury or condition and a workers’ compensation claim has been filed, call (or have them call) our office immediately. The quicker you receive the care you need, the quicker your injuries will heal and the faster you can get back to work.

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